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On the Road Ed, ORE is a school that focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of its students. The program is 3 fold.

  1.  There is the study of industries across the Nation and world whereby there are partnerships made with specific businesses that invite the student to hands-on experience inside the business. The students assess the business from many vantage points such as sustainability, their ecological footprint and the success of the business overall.
  2. Then they research and write papers and make videos describing what they learned, what makes that particular business unique and what works and what doesn’t that they have determined. These are shared on youtube and with the business partners themselves. The students identify what subjects are required for success in such a business and delve into those subjects themselves through more traditional homeschool educational materials and with professors and teachers that give their time to educate on shorter-term lesson plans relevant to the interests that have been sparked.
  3. Lastly, the students develop an entrepreneurial project that they are responsible to run in business themselves with mentorship. This is a complete hands-on event with divisions of care in social media, product launch and buying and website care and development.

 On the Road Ed’s program is spectacular and can be done by anyone, any group and is a lot of fun to evolve with students that want something different out of their educational experience.

 From more traditional schools to homeschools this program allows you to begin a journey that will be unique and deeply moving as students identify their deepest interests by the exposure of the diverse businesses and industries they partner with.


ORE outlines everything from lists of what to bring on overnights to thank you letters for businesses you will visit. Forms and How To’s are clearly available and of course, there will continue to be a growing community doing projects that they love and sharing together in a group on Facebook. This will offer additional support for chats that cover all areas of need and learning.


This program is well worth the money. The cost of the book is now half off $150, so you pay only $75 for the first 150 sales of the program. You still have time to get it half off, so give us a call and get on the pre-launch sales now! Your group will love you for it!

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