Diversity Rocks On The Road Ed!


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On The Road Ed, ORE, is not unlike Royal Frenchel Bulldogs, it’s sponsor. It is based on diversity as a primary principle for health and sustainability with entrepreneurial spirit forming its foundation. This sources innate interest and extends the life of genuine passionate regard and relevant action in students with big dreams and hearts, their entrepreneurial spirit.

Anahata Graceland the creator of the breed also founded On the Road Ed with the dedicated creative support of Alexa Ellisor, Elena Schefer and Julie Celleri their School Mentor and primary educator staff member.

Royal Frenchel bulldogs is a breed which incorporates the best of a number of breeds predominantly French Bulldog & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has now received an award for its unusually healthy long-lived capacity as a service dog and great family dog, RoyalFrenchel.com.

ORE uses real people in real situations, moving from marketplace through the portals of industry where businesses partner to expose the inner workings of the business and create hands on learning experiences.

ORE is research rich using resources globally through libraries, museums, interviews and the internet to unearth questions and considerations for their own creativity and use of natural innate passion.

Emphasis is put on the importance of one’s own discovery of interests that spark the core of the entrepreneurial spirit in students to ignite long lived persevering nature to mark he students most named trait - “like a bulldog”!

Diversity Rocks is one of the entrepreneurial projects inspired and born from ORE. This principle will be involved in all the store items you see and enjoy. Also, feel free to let us know if you have more ideas to help fund ORE that focus on diversity as a theme.

Right now Alexa and Elena are headed to England for a curriculum summit and to meet others who share their interest in sustainability through all aspects of life. It is an exciting time and you are now part of it!

Here is their Go Fund Me site for your donation